Hi I’m Deanna, a student  at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and soon to be Certified Nutritional Practitioner. I love cooking, herbs and spices, tea, and I’m passionate about health and wellness. As a child I had constant allergies, ear infections and was diagnosed with ADHD. I dealt with acne for a long time, and struggled with food cravings and poor eating habits. I searched for remedies to clear my skin, curb my sweet tooth, and calm my mind and became more and more interested in the medicinal properties of herbs and teas. This interest grew and I learned to use powerful and effective professional grade vitamins and supplements to address the root cause of my  health issues. Since attending IHN I worked with and learned how to help people with diabetes, cardiovascular health, weight loss, hormone balancing, overeating, skin conditions, digestive issues, allergies, mental health and a variety of other conditions.

With Green Tea & Dee’s Nutritional Consultations clients get help to take control their health. Each person’s unique body, health history and symptoms are taken into account to determine the cause of their discomfort. They receive a healing natural protocol which includes a custom meal plan, supplements, dietary changes, as well as lifestyle changes and therapeutic herbs to bring the body into balance. Clients are supported throughout the process and helped to connect the dots between their health, their symptoms or conditions, diet, environment and emotional state. Protocols are practical, effective and work around client’s lives and busy schedules. 

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